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The ARMNADO Disciplinary Committee unanimously DECIDED:

Disqualification of the results gained by the athlete DMITRII SEREDKIN obtained during
the Bench Press National Championship of the Republic of Armenia for Recreational Athletes
and apply two (2) years Ineligibility period.

To forbid Athlete DMITRII SEREDKIN:

During the period of Ineligibility to participate in any competition or activity (other than
authorized Anti-Doping education or rehabilitation programs) authorized or organized by
International Federation or any National Federation or a club or other member organization
National Federation, or in n a Competition or other activity (other than authorized anti-doping
education or rehabilitation programs) organized, convened, or authorized by Armenian
Government for Recreational Athletes.

1. Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport or any international or national level
Event organization or any elite or Recreational-level sporting activity funded by a
Armenian or other Governmental agency.

2.The period of Ineligibility shall start on the date of the testing on May 20, 2023 and be in
force till May 20, 2025.

3.Decisions made under these World Anti-Doping Code – 2021 and Armenian National
Anti-Doping Rules-2021 may be appealed as set forth below in Articles 13.2 through
13.7 or as otherwise provided in the Code or the International Standards. Such decisions
shall remain in effect while under appeal unless the appellate body orders otherwise.
This decision may be appealed to the Court of Arbitration for Sport within 21 days after
reception of the decision (please refer to the procedural rule R47 and the following of the
CAS Code).

4.Consider the case closed.